Welcome to Your Library

The first Clark Public Library opened on November 1, 1961 in a small store at 17 Lincoln Boulevard.  Library use was above expectations and by 1962, the store proved to be inadequate.  In April, 1963, the library moved into a larger store at 1069-71 Raritan Road.  In 1966, the library moved to its current location. The library started with a small collection of less than 600 books, which has grown substantially since then. There were no computers back in 1961—just the trustworthy card catalog, with cards typed on an old Remington typewriter. Today, the online catalog allows seamless searching via the internet and online databases, as well as the internal collections of the library. Over 65,000 computer searches are conducted each year using the “free” internet workstations at the library. Today’s library features wireless and remote access, allowing patrons 24 hour a day access to the collections and databases. Read More –>