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Mobile Printing

The library is offering a new service called Libdata/Mobile printing that allows you to use email to print to the library from anywhere.
How to print from home:
  • You can print an email, an attachment, a picture, or a website through this service.
  • The file to be printed needs to be sent as an attachment.
  • You can print the following files as an attachment: MS Word (doc/ docx), Excel (xls/xlsx), PowerPoint (ppt/pptx), pdf, jpg, html, txt, png, bmp, email, and website files. Our service even allows for image files to be printed as 2×3, 3×5, 4×6, 5×7, or 8×10
  • If you wish to print the body of an email, simply forward the email with no attachment.  To print websites, use the URL in the body of the email with no attachment.
  • Print jobs emailed to the print queue will expire in 12 hours.
  • For black and white prints email to: bwclark@libdataprint.com
  • For color prints email to: colorclark@libdataprint.com
  • Please call 732-388-5999 or email librarians@clarklibrary.org to arrange for pickup of print.
  • Black & white prints are .15 cents and color prints are .75 cents.
  • Apple users will have to convert documents to a doc, xls, or ppt file to print.
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